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My nice Chris Oyakhilome Biography blog 6456
Thursday, 26 December 2019

Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome (D.Sc., D.D.), runs a massive global prayer network, which has garnered over 40 million followers spread across all of the seven continents of the world. The number of followers keeps expanding Christ Embassy by the minute as many connect to the man of God’s prayer network, hosted on the KingsChat platform which is available on the web and on mobile applications and also through various social media platforms including the Loveworld News and Kingschat app.

Through the rich and inspiring global prayer network, followers of the man of God, at specific times of the day are guided in succinct prayer points, to pray with Pastor Chris. Regularly, as led by the Spirit of God, the man of God, Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome instructs his followers to pray, as led by the Spirit of God, on specific issues.The prayer posts have covered a number of issues and consistently each time, the man of God gives specific pointers to issues of life and ministry as the Spirit of God would have the people give attention to.

Every day, many more connect to this Chris Oyakhilome global prayer network and the testimonies are endless and enduring! Join the global prayer network today by subscribing at


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Thursday, 12 December 2019
Pastor Benny Hinn praises the life-changing miracles of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Benny Hinn discusses Pastor Chris’s glorious miracles. To allow your faith to be elevated, Pastor Chris tells us, “Always, the Lord will want you to do something with your faith.” Ask yourself what are you going to do? Under the guidance of our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, we are getting ready to evangelize the whole world Pastor Benny Hinn proclaims enthusiastically.

You can bring Pastor Chris with you wherever you go when you download the mobile app of Pastor Chris’s Digital Library available on both the Apple Store and Google Play. In the Oyakhilome Your LoveWorld video, Pastor Benn praises Pastor Chris’s ability Good Gospel Playlist to witness Chris Oyakhilome - Anita and harness the power that is in God’s word.

Pastor Benny felt compelled to share his awe at the work Pastor Chris does on behalf of the sick, downtrodden and disheartened souls. When he said, “I just feel by pastor chris miracles the Lord we really need to show this” it was said with such feeling that Pastor Benny Hinn is honoring the Miracles and achievements of his dear friend, The Man of God, Dr.

The Man of God, Dr. Chris Oyakhilome is driven by a divine calling when he ministers at the Healing School he founded with locations in Canada and South Africa. People come to Healing School from all over the globe. Pastor Benny Hinn said in this recent LoveWorld video, “I’ve not seen anything like it in my life, not in my life”.


The confessions and affirmations during the services have a mighty power and those words are a powerful revelation. The participants in the video chris oyakhilome books are the miracles of faith and healing. Fellowship with the Word allows us to grow in faith, so the miracles are revealed right in front of our eyes and understood as divine stirrings.

Then, we can share these matters of importance with our brothers and sisters. Through the amazing LoveWorldUSA network together. The television ministry acts as a conduit, sharing the miracles of Pastor Chris. When recipients of the miracles in the video rejoice, they mean every word. These powerful affirmations of faith are the redemptive power of God as channeled through Pastor Chris are reminiscent of the Book of Acts.

These modern-day miracles are occurring in Pastor Chris’s ministry. In the words of Pastor Benny, “his insight into the world is really amazing and life-changing.” They are like the Miracles recounted in the Book of Acts. The miracles are a message of God's power and it is to be sent around the world so all can receive His Grace.

Here are things we cannot explain and because we have faith, as taught to us by Pastor Chris. His inspiration cannot be understated. We can see the miracles he brings in the name of Jesus Christ as he heals those who request healing. The joyous teachings of Pastor Chris have taught us that, “Thousands upon thousands of victims who have found themselves in utterly hopeless situations finally found their beacon of hope” at the Healing School.” Now you can marvel at the record number of participants.


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When you have heard that soul-stirring and life-transforming message you are compelled to share it. The harmonious prayers are the conduit that prepares us to receive the Word of God in our hearts. The Word is relieved through our Man of God Pastor Chris. We don’t just relive it once, but we relive it multiple times.

Posted by chrisoyakhilomesermonsigdo796 at 5:22 AM EST
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Thursday, 5 December 2019
Pastor Chris And Pastor Benny: Leading A Global Christian Family With An Unbreakable Bond


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Pastor Chis Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn share a unique, loving partnership that transcends friendship. In a recent video that has had viewers transfixed, Pastor Benny Hinn declared that “Pastor Chris and I are wonderful friends. In fact, we’re more than friends we’re really family”. Watch this moving Click for info video clip here and you too will be gripped by the emotions Pastor Benny expresses towards his friend Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

We have examples of earthly friendships that are so beautiful Good Christian Chat they reflect the Divine Glory. In Samuel 1 18:3, we read that “Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as his own soul.” This family affection can be felt when Pastor Benny Hinn reveals his love for Pastor Chris in that video.

Their television ministry work is a joy to behold and their partnership is based on mutual admiration. Pastor Benny Hinn shows admiration and respect for the ministerial work of Pastor Chris and is included just like a member of the Oyakhilome family. When Pastor Chris’s dear mother Angelina flew in to meet Pastor Benny on his show, she thanked and praised God for bringing these Christ Embassy two dynamic preachers Visit the website together.

Pastor Benny replied that he loves her son just like he reaffirmed in the video you have watched. It was a profound and tender moment so see the warmth of a family friendship extend through the generations. Working together to deliver the Gospel The brotherly love of Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny was seen at the World Evangelism Conference that they cohosted recently in London.


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The build-up to this momentous event was exciting and the delegates were waiting to receive inspiration about how they can spread the words of the Gospel to their own community. This conference aimed to build a global family of believers which Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny have been doing for many years now.

Those who came to further their understanding of ministry were able to immerse themselves in the example of experienced Pastors. Furthering the friendship Their enduring friendship was demonstrated as Pastor Benny officiated at the wedding of Sharon Oyakhilome and Phillip Frimpong. Sharon is the younger daughter of Pastor Chris and a talented gospel singer.

The friendship Pastor Benny talks about in the video clearly runs two ways. Anyone watching can see the great joy in the ceremony and many were moved to tears by its beauty. This glamourous event was reported in many news outlets and enjoyed by the members of Christ Embassy Church worldwide.

Ministering to the Lord is what releases His power. When you begin ministering to the Lord together, miracles will begin to happen for new testament bible you.” They were both overwhelmed by the power of the ceremony. The spirit of the Lord resides within the joyous couple. As they are joined together the Holy Spirit is strengthened as are all those family members and special friends who took part in the ceremony.



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Thank you for confirming your word”. This is the act of a loving family member as expounded by Pastor Benny Hinn on this recent video. Meet my teacher Continuing through the video Pastor Benny Hinn says, “Dear Pastor Chris is an amazing man I’ve gotten to know him really well and I love everything I see about him.” Together they are teaching Gospel “in the way it should be, displayed and preached” as Pastor Benny explained whilst commending Pastor Chris’s teachings.

Posted by chrisoyakhilomesermonsigdo796 at 5:24 AM EST
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Tuesday, 26 November 2019
A Biography Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: The Glorious Life Of The Man Of God

He has impacted the lives of millionsThose of us who are blessed to have discovered the teachings of the Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome may know something about his life, but for those who have not heard of this extraordinary man, the story of his life is sure to be inspirational.

Pastor Chris was born on the Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Biography 7th of December 1963. He was born and raised in Edo State, Nigeria.He is the son of Elder T.E Oyakhilome and Angelina. According to his family tree, Pastor Chris’s lineage is steeped in bible teachings. We can see clearly that Pastor Chris was always destined to be a Man of God.


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Today, the university is known as Ambrose Alli University as a tribute to its founder Governor Ambrose Ali. It was at this university that Chris Oyakhilome would start to forge his own spiritual path. In establishing a student fellowship called Youth For Christ, he demonstrated his skill for leadership. This group became one the largest and most popular organizations on the campus and its members included choir leader, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan.Establishing Christ Embassy and LoveWorld Inc.The biography of Pastor Chris unrolls jesus christ like his Ministry.

The prayer group gathered momentum and in 1987, Pastor Chris formed pastor chris oyakhilome sermons 2016 a church called Future African Leaders Foundation (FALF) is an organization that can perpetuate the inspiring work of Pastor Chris. It is aimed at building young people and preparing them for a positive future by recognizing and supporting their incredible achievements.

Reverand Chris Oyakhilome, so many lives are being changed for the better. We all look forward to reading the next chapter of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s biography..


Posted by chrisoyakhilomesermonsigdo796 at 5:24 AM EST
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Thursday, 7 November 2019
All about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: LoveWorld, Christ Embassy Ministry, family, wife Anita, and private jets

Many people are fascinated by the impressive life of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – his background, a widely successful ministry, family and former wife Anita. This is the comprehensive guide to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, LoveWorld Incorporated, and Christ Embassy.

All about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: LoveWorld, Christ Embassy Ministry, family, wife Anita, and private jets

All about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: LoveWorld, Christ Embassy Ministry, family, wife Anita, and private jets

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the influential founder and president of LoveWorld Incorporated and the lead pastor of Christ Embassy. Known by many as the Man of God, his Christian ministry is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Christ Embassy has branches worldwide, making it truly an international church. Pastor Chris has become one of the most popular Nigerian pastors, leading one of the largest congregations in all of Africa.

LoveWorld and Christ Embassy have thrived under the anointed leadership of the highly regarded Pastor. The spirit-filled, healing minister is also a best-selling author, television host, and teacher. He has helped millions to enrich their lives in the service of God.


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was born on December 7, 1961 in Edo State, Nigeria. His is the first son born to his parents. His younger brother, Pastor Ken Oyakhilome is a prominent member of LoveWorld Incorporated. His sister, Katty Worghiren (formerly Oyakhilome) is also involved in the ministry as the director of the LoveWorld Music & Arts Ministry.

Pastor Chris studied architecture at Good Christian Chat Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. He also has an honorary degree in divinity from Benson Idahosa University. He created a youth ministry group will at university.

All about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: LoveWorld, Christ Embassy Ministry, family, wife Anita, and private jets

All about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: LoveWorld, Christ Embassy Ministry, family, wife Anita, and private jets


Pastor Chris founded LoveWorld International (formerly known as Believers Love World) and Christ Embassy in 1987. From its Good Gospel Playlist humble beginnings as a prayer group led by Pastor Chris, the ministry now is a global network of churches. Pastor Chris has millions of followers in hundreds of countries.

LoveWorld runs an inspirational television network that broadcasts worldwide. The network has stations in Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States and more. They also have a vast digital library available online that includes videos, books, and audio recordings.

LoveWorld hosts major spiritual events around the world including conferences, music concerts, art festivals, and worship services. The annual Higher Life Conference is one of the most important LoveWorld events.

International School of Ministry – The Christ Embassy International School of Ministry (ISM) trains ministers and empowers them with the Word of Christ. These courses give them the opportunity to help them share God’s message of eternal life. Pastor Chris teaches at ISM, where he offers his divine wisdom to the students.

The Healing School – Pastor Chris has two international Healing Schools located in South Africa and in Canada. The schools hold seasonal sessions that offer divine healing experiences to thousands. Through the Holy Spirit, the Man of God Pastor Chris has transformed many lives and miraculously restored their health.

Rhapsody of Realities – Pastor Chris wrote a daily devotional Bible called Rhapsody of Realities. It has been translated into hundreds of languages and has made the life-changing gospel of Christ easily available to billions.

KingsChat – LoveWorld has a Christian mobile app to help believers connect and follow LoveWorld news and events. The free app includes messaging, video chat and social media features making the LoveWorld community even stronger.

Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International – The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI) is a humanitarian NGO devoted to helping those in need. Through their partners, COFI focuses on improving healthcare and early childhood education. They seek to help strengthen families and award youth leadership. Their Chris Oyakhilome Sermons missions have helped victims of disaster and those in poverty live more fulfilling lives in the name of Christ.

LoveWorld Music & Arts Ministry – LoveWorld Music & Arts Ministry spreads God’s message and gospel through music and creative arts. LMAM creates gospel music, hosts festivals and concerts, and awards top gospel singers at their annual music awards.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome awarding his daughter Carissa Sharon with the Worship Song of the Year

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome awarding his daughter Carissa Sharon with the Worship Song of the Year

Pastor Chris’s Wife and Children

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome married Reverend Anita Ebhodaghe in 1991. They met as students at Ambrose Alli University.

She became an important partner in his ministry and the community he created. The couple has two beautiful daughters, Carissa Sharon, and Charlyn Oyakhilome. Carissa Sharon is a fast-rising Christian gospel singer also known as CSO who has transformed her father’s teachings into award-winning music.


Pastor Chris and his wife Anita chose to end their marriage and finalized their divorce in 2016. Today, they share custody of their two daughters who they love and support.

Pastor Chris’s Lifestyle

LoveWorld International has had dramatic success in spreading the love of God. The charismatic Pastor Chris lives a luxurious, yet practical lifestyle for an international Man of God. Pastor Chris has two private jets to help shuttle him to the many locations across the LoveWorld community. The pastor also pastor chris oyakhilome sermons has a fleet of cars for similar purposes. The pastor hosts many important spiritual and international leaders at his large private residence in Nigeria.

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Sunday, 3 November 2019
Chris Oyakhilome Sermons: The transformative words of the man of God

Strengthen your faith when you hear Pastor Chris speak the word of God Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome is the lead pastor of Christ Embassy Church and CEO of LoveWorld Inc. The Pastor is known for his soul-stirring sermons delivered to thousands who have gathered at church events – many of which can now be accessed online through the Pastor Chris Digital Library. Chris Oyakhilome Sermons: The transformative words of the man of God Source: UGC When you attend a church service the highpoint is the pastor’s sermon. After all “faith comes from hearing and hearing by the word of Christ” (Romans 10:17) and for millions of followers the sermons of Chris Oyakhilome are transformative and life-changing. In one particularly moving sermon, Pastor Chris teaches us that we as Christians are “word practitioners”. He expands this idea and gives Chris Oyakhilome Sermons it a purposeful clarity in that he tells us that Christians should “act out what He says” and not just obey the commandments but “act out what they say”. Through Pastor Chris’s sermon, we are given a very clear idea of why God’s words are powerful and how they form the foundation of Christian living. Pastor Chris, in his sermons, carefully details to the congregation how to live an active Christian life. Demond Wilson: Amazing facts you should know Christ Embassy about the actor who became a preacher Why are words so important in sermons? Pastor Chris Oyakhilome understands the unique power of words and how they can be etched on our memory. In reading the words of the bible together, Pastor Chris uncovers their mystery. Even the punctuation is important here as it points us to the completion of an idea. Using Hebrews 13:6, Pastor Chris teaches us that the most important thing in life is to know that Jesus is within us. “Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” We know that having Jesus Christ in our lives and our spirit makes us content, successful and rich. Say the Word and see what will happen Words are also used to guide us through our lives. During his sermon, Pastor Chris encourages everyone to affirm God’s positive and life-changing messages. These words become active in your soul. If you don’t proclaim success in your privacy, you will never have it publicly. The Pastor uses the refrain “I am sound” to get people to remind themselves that they are a spiritual success. Making connections and bringing understanding to the words of God helps us to feel whole, establishing a newfound fellowship with the Lord. John Allen Newman: Read on to know more about the inspiring pastor Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s sermons have a powerful positivity that calls for you to reject negativity and accept God into your life. The life of God is the Word because it is through his word that everything has come to be. Affirming and confessing it brings you victory. The human connection to God’s Word keeps us alive because when you are born again you are born of the Word. We learn is that our mouths are used for talking, therefore we have a mouth. The Christian is charged with the need to talk about his faith. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome talks about his faith in the words of Jesus during this sermon. The idea that we speak impactful and rousing words to lead a positive life could not be clearer here. Where can I hear the sermons of Pastor Chris? Chris Oyakhilome Sermons: The transformative words of the man of God Source: UGC Listening to the words of the sermons of Chris Oyakhilome at a conference, seminar or service is a life-altering experience. He travels around the world to deliver sermons and lead prayers. Hearing directly from the Man of God is can change the direction of your life for the better and you can find out where and when he is speaking on the Christ Embassy website. Prayer Click here to find out more for good marriage We can find the sermons of Pastor Chris on the internet in many forums, webpages and the Pastor Chris Digital Library. They are the springboard to wholesome Christian living. The global online and television ministry has many stations to bring the power of God to you in your home. On this television programming, you will find different segments of Pastor Chris’s teachings imploring you to lead a life filled with God’s glory and purpose. Being connected to Pastor Chris and Christ Embassy on social media will allow you to be aware of upcoming church events and be a part of the LoveWorld community. KingsChat is a special social media platform designed with the Christian audience in mind – connecting the congregation in the virtual world. It is available for android and Apple phones. You will be able to hear the Pastor Chris sermons of Pastor Chris on the go wherever you are. You quite literally can hear the Word whenever you need an uplift. The power of prayer and fasting: Bible verses Once connected with God’s Word, we are charged with being effective communicators and Pastor Chris is an outstanding communicator. Millions of people have connected with his sermons and used them as effective evangelism Oyakhilome lessons. Pastor Chris has authored a daily devotional called Rhapsody of Realities. Described as “a classic love-note from God to you, with the message of life!” This Bible offers you daily reminders of how to live a purposeful life in God’s image. Reading and listening to the sermons of Pastor Chris and sharing the Word of God are great ways to start living life as an active Christian.


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Sunday, 15 September 2019
Pastors Chris Oyakhilome, Benny Hinn set course of a Global Christian Movement with the World Evangelism Conference

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn united to lead the global evangelism movement into a new prosperous era of spiritual growth and fervent soul-winning marked by the first-ever World Evangelism Conference held August 9th-11th, 2019 in London.

The sold-out three-day World Evangelism Conference drew thousands of evangelical Christians from all over the world to the SSE Arena in Wembley, London’s second-largest indoor arena with a capacity of 12,500 people. High expectations were met as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn set forth the path for the evangelist movement worldwide at this momentous event.

The indelible impact of the World Evangelism Conference reverberated through the world, changing lives and opening the hearts of millions to God’s messages of hope and love. Through their teachings, Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny provided essential tools to help every believer win souls.

Inspiring and Empowering Others to Reach their God-Given Potential

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, DSC, DD, has become an inspirational leader to many as the president and founder of Loveworld Inc. and as the lead pastor of Christ Embassy. His organization has built a network of churches around the world, connecting Christians from all walks of life and helping guide them to salvation in the name of Jesus Christ. His leadership, paired with that of the respected Pastor Benny, elevated the World Evangelism Conference to a level never experienced before.

Christ Embassy called the World Evangelism Conference specially orchestrated by the Spirit of God for global evangelism awakening, igniting a fresh zeal, fire and passion for relentless soul-winning and evangelism in all the nations of the world. Ministers from all over the world gathered in the unity of the spirit to birth a new movement that will impact the world and manifest the works of the spirit in our day.

The conference provided attendees with an exceptional opportunity to learn from the preeminent leaders of Christian evangelism in the 21st century. The World Evangelism Conference was a monumental event that has established the discourse of evangelism and soul-winning going forward in these last days.

At the event, Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny imparted divine strategies for soul-winning and evangelism to the pastors, ministers, and religious leaders of the gospel gathered from all the nations of the world. The wisdom these inspirational leaders shared with the attendees promises to launch them to greater effectiveness in life and in their ministry.

The conference schedule included plenary sessions, workshops, breakout sessions, exhibitions, a welcome luncheon, an awards ceremony, and much more. In addition to Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny, other respected religious leaders, including renowned evangelist Dr. Morris Cerullo, presented motivational and stirring lectures on effective ministry and successful outreach initiatives providing those gathered a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit.


View of the SSE Arena in London filled to capacity during the World Evangelism Conference 2019 hosted by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – The Leader of a Global Community

Pastor Chris is a Hop over to this website minister, teacher and healer who has built a global community of Christians through his steadfast dedication to serving the Lord. Through him, God’s life-changing word has reached thousands of souls. He is the founder of LoveWorld Inc. which operates a 24-hour Christian satellite television network broadcasting from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Family Africa worldwide. Pastor Chris has reached millions of people with this far-reaching television ministry and helped them to lead purposeful lives in the name of God.

Pastor Chris has also authored a daily devotional Bible called the Rhapsody of Realities which been translated into hundreds of languages and distributed worldwide, making God’s Word accessible to millions of people.

He has contributed to the growth and development of the leadership of the evangelical movement through the establishment of the International School of Ministry (ISM). Pastor Chris envisioned an institution built specifically to train and equip ministers of the Gospel of Christ. Through his teachings, Pastor Chris inspires and empowers leaders of the church to carry God’s message of forgiveness, salvation and eternal life to all the peoples of the world.

Since it was established in 2007, the International School of Ministry has trained and prepared thousands of ministers hailing from nations all over the world. Those who have completed their studies at the ISM have gone on to produce amazing results in their ministries and in their own lives in the service of God. The World Evangelism Conference was powered in part by the International School of Ministry.

Pastor Benny Hinn is a world-renowned healing minister and televangelist who has built an effective ministry in the United States and around the world. He grew to prominence as the host of the successful television program, “This Is Your Day.” His continues to produce his daily show that is aired on the most popular Christian programming networks around the world. Together, Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny collaborated to bring LoveWorld television programming to the United States with the creation of the LoveWorld USA broadcasting network.

Leading Evangelism into pastor chris oyakhilome 2016 the Future

Worldwide, evangelism is one of the fastest-growing religious movements. Roughly one in four Christians identify as evangelical – a rate of growth that is four times that of the world’s population. Evangelism is unique in that it transcends Christian denominations and unites believers in their desire to share their faith in God.

While the traditional foundation of global Christianity has been historically centered in Europe, the most vibrant expressions of the faith have more recently emerged from Africa and the United States. Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny are part of this growing movement – igniting passions across their respective congregations of worshipers.

These visionary pastors have developed spirit-filled communities that are flourishing in the name of the Holy Spirit. Through their unique anointed ministries, Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny are empowering believers and directing the transformation of lives, communities and nations. The World Evangelism Conference has demonstrated to the world the influential leadership role that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn have in leading the evangelical movement into a new age of awakening.

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Monday, 9 September 2019
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Is Leading The Evangelical World

Christian organizations have always put an incredible emphasis on serving and ministering in Africa, living the best example of the Christian faith. Missionaries spend their lives fundraising and volunteering their time and resources at local orphanages and schools, following the scriptures as they instruct all Christians to care for the orphaned, widowed and poor. The role has been switched for one African man who is making a substantial christian faith impact throughout the whole world, not only Africa.

President and Founder of international ministry LoveWorld Incorporated is Nigerian born pastor, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Through online resources, local ministry centres around the world (Christ Embassy), international humanitarian efforts, and worldwide Christian conferences, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome have played a major part in bringing Africa for her first time to the forefront of the evangelical world.

The First-Ever World Evangelism Conference

“That which gains the attention of a leader will be solved.” Ugandan Proverb

Thousands filled the SSE Arena, Wembley in London UK for the first-ever World Evangelism Conference with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Thousands filled the SSE Arena, Wembley in London UK for the first-ever World Evangelism Conference with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Thousands filled the SSE Arena, Wembley in London UK for the first-ever World Evangelism Conference with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

With such a large international following, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is known for hosting mega conferences in central parts of the world, creating an opportunity for the global Christian community to converge over one event. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was joined most recently by fellow Evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn, Founder and President of Benny Hinn Ministries, for an enormous event called the World Evangelism Conference 2019 (WEC). More than 5,000 ministers, pastors, and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome evangelists from all over the world filled the SSE Arena, Wembley in London for this 3-day event that took place over the weekend of August 9th – 11th.

This was the first of its kind for the World Evangelism Conference, though Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn have ministered alongside one another on several occasions before this. The World Evangelism Conference was meant for stirring the nations towards spiritual awakening, bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the places it has not yet been. Attendees of the conference were invited to take part read more in various sessions, workshops, and exhibitions in order to strengthen their evangelism skills for ultimate “soul-winning.”

The Identity of Africa and Her Role in the Rest of the World

“Listen, my dear brothers and sisters: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him?” James 2:5

A total of 177 countries were in representation at the World Evangelism Conference with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

A total of 177 countries were in representation at the World Evangelism Conference with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

A total of 177 countries were in representation at the World Evangelism Conference with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


Could it be that Africa is gaining a new identity of pouring out into the world, rather than only receiving from the world? Perhaps this ground-breaking movement of evangelism coming forth out of Africa is the exact response to the years of prayer and service that Christians and humanitarian groups alike have endowed upon her.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is setting the stage for the global spiritual awakening that is now stirring in Africa and soon to catch the attention of nations. At the World Evangelism Conference alone, there were over 170 countries in representation, all learning under Nigeria’s own Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. With an undoubting call of God on his life, He has built an empire fit for reaching the whole world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Together with several international ministers, as well as his own leadership within Christ Embassy, the WEC was a monumental moment marking the advancement of the gospel in the world.

More than Africa, and more than only evangelical Christians; the entire world can be encouraged by this conference and what it represents. While Africa has managed to keep the world’s attention, it is not often in the beautiful stage lighting and outstanding musical performances such as those featured at the WEC. However, things are changing for Africa, and anointed leaders like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome are in the position of spearheading this global change.

The World Evangelism Conference with Pastor Chris Marks the Future of the International Church

“I have ordained him [Pastor Chris Oyakhilome] to bring a spirit of unity to the ministry that I have raised up in these last days! He will be an instrument to unite the body of Christ”

Prophecy of God, spoken by Dr. Morris Cerullo

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is joined on stage by Pastor Benny Hinn and Dr. Morris Cerullo for the evening session of Day 1 at the World Evangelism Conference

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is joined on stage by Pastor Benny Hinn and Dr. Morris Cerullo for the evening session of Day 1 at the World Evangelism Conference

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is joined on stage by Pastor Benny Hinn and Dr. Morris Cerullo for the evening session of Day 1 at the World Evangelism Conference

The messages shared at the conference were full of wisdom and truth, no matter what part of the world you were coming from. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor Benny Hinn and American evangelist Dr. Morris Cerullo united Oyakhilome for one weekend of enriching teaching and transformative training. It is evident to report that not a single person left the same on the third day as they were when they arrived in London on day one.

Day 3 was by far the great culmination of an energized and spirit-filled weekend. As stated in Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s own LoveWorld News publication,

“Indeed, this conference has marked a Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Biography spiritual revolution that time will unveil to the rest of the world as God’s Church shows herself stronger, more prosperous and more glorious than the day she was born on that Pentecost Day, 2,000 years ago.”

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Tuesday, 3 September 2019
Uniting the Evangelist World – A Beneficial Alliance for Israel

Pastors Chris Oyakhilome, Benny Hinn to host World jesus is lord Evangelism Conference, the 1st event to bring together Evangelicals from around the world

Josh Matthews, 12/08/19 14:19


File: Evangelical prayer session at ICEJ event, 2012

File: Evangelical prayer session at ICEJ event, 2012Flash90

The internationally esteemed Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn hosted the World Evangelism Conference 2019 – the firstevent of its kind – uniting evangelicals from around the world. Evangelicals are a Agrowing global community whose support of Israel has important political implications.

The prominent Nigerian evangelical leader Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, DSC, DD, President of LoveWorld Inc., and American Pastor Benny Hinn, President and Founder of Benny Hinn Ministries, came together to host the first-ever World Evangelism Conference August 9-11, 2019 at the SSE Arena in Wembley, London in the United Kingdom. The three-day event promised to bring a fresh zeal of enthusiasm to evangelism worldwide.

The Significance of the London Venue

It is no coincidence that these two preeminent leaders of the global evangelical movement chose London to host this landmark event. The conservative evangelical movement has experienced a recent rise in popularity in the United Kingdom. Conservative evangelicalism has long been active movement in the United States where Pastor Benny Hinn has built his successful ministry and has grown into a powerful force throughout Africa, including in Pastor Chris’s native Nigeria. Evangelism is not new to the United Kingdom, but recent years have seen a resurgence of conservative evangelism in the nation.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Christ Embassy has built a thriving network of churches in the United Kingdom, with branches all over the country. pastor chris healing prayer His inspirational teachings have brought thousands of British Christians together in fellowship. His ministry has impacted countless lives and Pastor Chris hopes to continue to strengthen the evangelist movement in the country and around the world through the World Evangelism Conference.

Evangelicals as a Political Force

Throughout the United States and Europe, a political battle pastor chris oyakhilome teaching on the holy spirit has developed between the right and left political factions to occupy the ideological political middle. Growing social divisions, fracturing political parties and contentious issues such as immigration have contributed to a tense political atmosphere around the globe.

In the United States, conservative evangelicals have long been a political force. Evangelicals have been a crucial constituency for the Republican Party at the local, state and nation levels. Evangelical support for Donald Trump helped him to secure the electoral votes needed to win the presidential election. In return, President Trump established an advisory committee of American evangelical leaders demonstrating his commitment to this portion of his base.

A changing political landscape in the UK has made evangelical Christians an important political constituency. Members of the UK’s Christian community have traditionally aligned themselves with the country’s Conservative Party. Last week, the Tories selected Boris Johnson as the new prime minister who will replace the outgoing Theresa May. While Johnson may not enjoy the same fervent level of support that Trump has of American evangelicals, many Christians across the UK have voiced their support for the new prime minister.

Evangelism in the UK has its own distinct flavor and culture from its American counterpart, but the underlying foundation of the global movement remains unchanged. Guided by the Bible, evangelicals strive to live an authentic life in their faith and to help others accept God into their lives. Evangelicals firmly believe in the power of building bridges between people helping them find their own path to faith.

Evangelical Steadfast Support for Israel

Evangelicals have a special relationship with Israel and have become an important ally for the Jewish people. Traditionally, the evangelical movement has firmly supported the state of Israel and the return of the Jewish people to the Holy Land. Evangelicals and Christians contribute to the economic growth of Israel as they represent around half of all tourists who visit the country annually.

The monumental community of evangelicals that Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny have created and fostered will greatly benefit the Jewish people in Israel. Many proudly voice their support for the advancement and protection of the Jewish people all over the world. Evangelicals are one of the fastest-growing religious communities in the world, pastor chris oyakhilome house making the alliance between evangelicals and Israel one of vital importance for the Jewish people.

The support of American evangelical Christians was instrumental in the relocation of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the White House’s declaration officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Evangelical leadership worldwide has declared its support for Israel publicly. Pastor Chris has been a long-time supporter of Israel. He has hosted historic tours to the country and held internationally broadcast events in Israel, including last year’s ‘Your Loveworld’ Praise-a-Thon with Pastor Benny.

In a recent interview, Pastor Chris and the US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, discussed the resiliency of the Israeli people, hope for peace in the region and the miracle of Israel. In addition, the pastor was personally invited to an official event hosted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu celebrating the move of the US Embassy in 2018.

Evangelicals are Building Bridges Between Faiths


The evangelism movement is not bound by a single Christian denomination, rather it transcends traditional church organizational structures by attracting believers from diverse Christian faiths and uniting them for the purpose of sharing a message of faith with the world. Visionary and charismatic leaders like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny have become important drivers of the global evangelical movement in the absence of an official hierarchy or single organizational framework.

Their commitment to faith, dedication to social initiatives, and their use of 21st technology to reach out to a global Christian community have set Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny apart from other evangelical leaders.

Pastor Chris has created a church with branches around the world. He is the founder and president of LoveWorld Inc. which operates an international television network, LoveWorld TV, dedicated to Christian programming. LoveWorld has also developed a Christian mobile app called KingsChat that combines social networking and instant messaging to grow and foster a community for Christian believers worldwide. Pastor Chris frequently holds events all over the world, in addition to the World Evangelical Conference, bringing together thousands of LoveWorld citizens in Christian worship.

The World Evangelical Conference 2019 brought together thousands of pastors, ministers and Christian leaders from around the world inspiringe and ignitinge a passion for global evangelism. Pastor Chris is uniting all Christian leaders who are committed to sharing their faith and helping others through this impact of this the momentous event.

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